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Weekday Morning Shows

Weekday morning shows are provided for school groups and other organizations involved with children and families.

Ticket Prices for the Weekday Morning Shows:
10 or more:   $4.00 ea.
Fewer than 10:   $9.00 ea.

Title I schools, Inner City schools, and Special Ed programs may apply for complimentary tickets by using the coupon code CFAS at checkout.

Seating is limited. ALL SEATS RESERVED. Confirmation of your reservation is required for admittance.

Please note:  If you cannot attend shows you have made reservations for, please let us know as soon as possible. This will allow us to offer the seats to other schools on our waiting list.  If you do not let us know that you cannot use the tickets, you may forfeit the opportunity to reserve seats in the future.


To order tickets for School Shows:
Click the “Add to Cart” button
for each performance you want to see. Because some performances are repeated, be sure to note the date and time when making your selection.

If your school requires an invoice in order for you to complete your ticket order: please call our office at 210-340-4060 and use the coupon code Invoice at checkout.

Click the “View Cart” link to review your selections and to change the number of tickets you want for each performance.

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