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The Children’s Fine Arts Series is the only presenter of performing arts in San Antonio for young children, exclusively. Join us as we educate, enrich and entertain our children while nourishing their spirit. Bring a child and share the wonder and excitement!

PHILOSOPHY   A strong, well-developed arts education is a requirement for the realization of the potential in each human being. It has been demonstrated and documented by the “Rockefeller Report” that the study of the arts enhances the acquisition of the “three R’s” and develops an adaptability and creative approach to the application of the basic skills, which are so important in our rapidly changing world.


THE NEED   Children need an introduction to an appreciation of the arts, and our city needs a series of performing arts programs selected and designed especially for children. These programs must be of the finest quality available. We want our children to look forward to each new experience with the performing arts.

HISTORY  The Children’s Fine Arts Series began in 1982 as a community project and fund-raiser of the Judson Montessori School. In 1988, the Series became an independent non-profit organization. In 1989, we offered the first day shows for schools. Of the 4,500 that attended, 2,500 from the SAISD attended free of charge. Since that time every season, 5,000 to 10,000 attend free of charge from our underserved areas.

CONCEPT   The performances are one hour in length to accommodate the attention span of the young child, and are chosen to enrich, educate and entertain. Music, dance, drama, and song create an environment rich with color, sound, and movement to delight the senses of our young audience.

Awesome, incredible–what talent!  We loved it!

Funny! Entertaining! My daughter loved the show!

Thank you for giving the children a different outlet than just DVDs and videos. Continue to show plays that illustrate the books they know and love.

Community Support and Involvement

Generous contributions from individuals, businesses, corporations, foundations and government agencies make it possible for the Children’s Fine Arts Series to serve 20,000 children each year.

As well as school children and families, we also serve organizations involved with children and families. Each season the Children’s Shelter, Big Brothers & Sisters, St. PJ’s, Boysville, AVANCE, Healey Murphy CDC, Women’s Shelter, SAMM Shelter, Positive Beginnings, and others attend free of charge. We make every effort to serve as many children as possible.

Kathleen Cuny Miller has been the Executive Director of the Children’s Fine Arts Series since its inception.

Kathy Miller and the puppeteers of ONDIN, May 2016
Hello Kathy!
Once again, thank you so much for inviting us to your festival! It was really nice for us to meet the children (and adults) of San Antonio. As a little souvenir, here is a photo of you and the puppeteers of Ondin!

–L’Illusion, Théâtre de marionnettes
Ondin performed at the May 2016 Puppet Festival

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