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We welcome your comments on the programs and performances you’ve enjoyed.  We’re especially eager to hear what your children have to say about their experience of the shows.

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We were as thrilled and amazed as our children to see “The Sound of Music” portrayed through marionettes!  What a wonderful show!  Our little ones–5, 7, and 8 years old–were mesmerized!  Thank you so much for bringing shows like this to San Antonio. 

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  1. Thank you so much for bringing such wonderful cultural, language-rich, engaging performances to San Antonio. As a Principal I want to provide my students with learning experiences that build up ‘their’ background knowledge. My students now have schema on puppets from a wide range of cultures, sound/lighting, cast of characters, stage directions, costuming, and so many other valuable tools/skills. These experiences will ultimately create success when reading and connecting genres. Thank you so much for providing these hands-on experiences to our school!

  2. As a teacher, this series has been an incredible experience for my students. The puppet shows were very engaging and my kindergarten students loved “Fragile”! The shows the CFAS has offered have been wonderful! Thank you!

  3. Such a wonderful experience for my students. As I am a special education teacher it helped to make the connections to the different genres associated with stage productions. For my students this was the first time to experience stage performances. They especially like the puppet productions we attended on May 6th. I look forward to productions next year. Thank you for helping bridge the gap with these wonderful experiences.

  4. My class enjoyed the performances we saw at the Tobin Center! The performers did such a great job! I personally liked how they took the time to answer some of my student’s questions. It really made it a neat experience for them!

  5. My grand daughters and I had the opportunity to attend several shows as part of the International Puppet Festival and our experience could not have been better. The shows were wonderful and the girls are still talking about them! I particularly appreciate the fact that the puppeteers took the time to engage personally with the audience. It was an educational and fun time! Kudos to the staff, paid and volunteer, at the Tobin for the help they provided!

  6. The Puppet Festival was a great experience for our students. Our students really enjoyed their experience at the Tobin Center. It was an added bonus that they got to have a question and answer session with the puppeteers. Thank you for bringing these wonderful and engaging performances to San Antonio.

  7. Thank you very much for helping my students and I to enjoy this incredible opportunity. We all had a wonderful time and gained a great deal of new knowledge. The plays were all very entertaining.

  8. My third graders have especially enjoyed the performances where they can see the behind-the-scene actions of the puppeteers. It is eye-opening for our students to see what goes on during a production. We are thankful and appreciative for the experience. Thank you for the opportunity. We hope to visit again soon.

  9. It was so unique! We loved the small group in the tent for the presentation.

    The picture of Miss Ella and Miss Laney are perfect.

    Thanks for undertaking such a huge project!

  10. Some wonderful choices! My husband and I are puppeteers and were thrilled that such an opportunity was provided in San Antonio. We especially enjoyed Fragile. Other highlights included Wild Goose Chase and the Water Puppets (wish there had been a translator).

    I would love to volunteer and work with Childrens’ Fine Arts on next years line-up. One group you might consider is Madcap Puppet Theater in Cincinnati. They work with life size and giant puppets incorporating audience participation as well as before and after discussion.

  11. I am so excited for the 2016 International Puppet Festival to come back to San Antonio. Those who were fortunate to attend last year’s festival know how incredibly entertaining the various shows were. The skill and artistry displayed by the world renowned puppeteers was world class. I have told everyone I come into contact with the greatness of this festival. The Tobin Performing Arts Center is ideal for hosting the wide array of shows and gives the puppeteers optimal spaces for their craft. Can’t Wait for May!

  12. Thank you for putting together the Children’s International Puppet Festival. My son and I attended 3 of the 6 shows and loved each one. I would have attended all of them but I let my son (3 yrs old) take his pick.

    I am in awe of the creativity and ingenuity of these puppeteers. The first show we saw was Pekka and I literally had a lump in my throat during the show because I was so touched by all aspects of the performance. We also attended The Legend of Walter Weirdbeard and The Dinosaur Show. We saw Wild Goose Chase by the Sandbank Shadow Factory and were happy to see he was back this year. My son also loved the weekend activities and got to make his own shadow puppet with Mr. Sandbank.

    I’m sad more people weren’t able to attend but so grateful for the opportunity! I did what I could to promote through my monthly event listing on the blog , plus multiple posts with photos on Facebook.

  13. I went with a friend to the Puppet Festival last weekend, and we had a fabulous time! We saw Alvin Sputnik and Walter Weirdbeard. Both were spectacular – very creative, intriguing, and delightful in a childlike way.

    I would’ve loved to bring our Dellview kids, but we had another field trip planned for that week already. And, I think the smaller audience/theater was perfect for these shows. I will keep it in mind for next year.

    Thank you for all you do to bring Fine Arts performances to the children of San Antonio.

  14. Thank you for arranging the International Puppet Show. My kindergarten students attended Manxmouse, Wild Goose Chase, and Stellaluna. Although I was not able to attend, many of them spoke about how much they enjoyed the performances. Thank you again for providing this experiential learning experience for my students.

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