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May 13 – 16, 2018 at Pearl Studio


by Theatergroep Kwatta

Sunday, May 13: 11:00AM and 3:00 PM
Monday, May 14: 9:45 AM and 11:45 AM

Manxmouse is an adventurous play about a brave mouse. He may have failed as a mouse, but nevertheless, he succeeds very well at being Manxmouse! Manxmouse is a play with many puppets, animation and music.

The brave little Manxmouse is on a special journey. But can he survive fearsome foxes, terrified elephants and cats big and small to reach his destination? The Manxmouse is one-of-a-kind. He’s the strangest little mouse you’ll ever see, with bright blue fur, huge rabbit ears and a distinct lack of tail. But Manxmouse doesn’t mind being different. He knows that destiny awaits him, and so Manxmouse sets out on an exciting adventure. He meets tigers and hawks and dastardly pet-shop owners, but there’s someone he dreads and desires to meet more than anyone else. The someone who has been waiting for him all along…the Manx Cat.
MANXMOUSE Study Guide (pdf)

stellalluna 023STELLALUNA 

by Tears of Joy Theater

Tuesday, May 15: 10:45 AM and 11:45 AM
Wednesday, May 16: 10:45 AM and 12:45 PM

Adapted from the popular book, Stellaluna by Janell Cannon, this is the enchanting story of a bat who’s world is literally turned upside down! Knocked from her mother’s safe embrace, little Stellaluna ends up in a bird’s nest. Poor Stellaluna tries to adjust to her new home, but finds herself the odd one out: hanging by her feet and disgusted by those bugs Mother Bird brings to dinner. What a relief to discover she’s a fruit bat!

wildgoose-2018A WILD GOOSE CHASE

by Sandbanks Shadow Puppets

Sunday, May 13:  12:00 PM and 2:00 PM
Monday, May 14: 9:45 AM and 10:45 AM

Tuesday, May 15: 9:45 AM and 10:45 AM
Wednesday, May 16: 9:45 AM and 10:45 AM

Come along, come along, on a wild goose chase! Who knows where it might lead?

In A Wild Goose Chase!, Matt takes the audience to a world filled with dancing pants, guitar rockin’ grandmothers, mischievous spaceships, and many more whimsical images. Poetry springs hilariously to life as soon as Matt’s handmade, expressive shadow puppets hit the screen. This 45-minute program comprises a series of interactive vignettes and verses designed to illustrate several key literary ideas (rhythm, rhyme, imagery, narrative, lyric, moral, etc.) to elementary audiences. A Wild Goose Chase! is sure to excite your young people about poetry and puppetry, helping them to discover and express their own creative voices!
Study Guide – A Wild Goose Chase

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